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Navigating Insecurities in Relationships with Julie Menanno

This week Dr. Drew talks to Relationship Expert Julie Menanno. As a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, Julie offers invaluable insights into the roots of insecurity within relationships and breaks down the four different attachment types. Additionally, she provides a comprehensive exploration of the principles and benefits of EFT, along with practical tips for finding a qualified EFT therapist.

Rikki and Jimmy on Relationships

How to Create Safe Secure Love with Julie Menanno

In this episode we talk to one of our favorite counselors Julie Menanno about how to navigate conflict and create closeness and connection in our relationships.

with Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Secure Attachments: The Felt Sense of Love with Julie Menanno

What does it feel like to be in a securely attached relationship? Renowned relationship expert and therapist Julie Menanno joins Reimagining Love to illuminate what we can learn from examining secure attachments. Together with Dr. Alexandra, Julie help anxious and avoidant partners understand each other by guiding us through how different attachment styles show up in tender moments. Ultimately, Julie reminds us that the purpose of attachment work is to help us heal from our past unmet needs so that we can form secure attachments today.

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Episode 426: “Secure Love” with guest Julie Mennano

Today we are welcoming an attachment expert and our dear friend Julie Mennano, LMFT to the pod. You may know Julie already from her incredibly popular instagram account @thesecurerelationship. With over one million followers, Julie has been educating about attachment theory and EFT on Instagram since 2020 and is the owner of Bozeman Therapy and Counseling, LLC in Montana. She is joining us today to share her new book Secure Love and to help our listeners understand what secure love looks like in action. Julie will break down the four attachment styles and how couples can work to maintain the integrity of their bond through conflict and misunderstanding. Her beautiful work helps us understand how to keep a balance between heart and mind. Couples that read Secure Love will learn more about their attachment bond, being connected even in conflict and how to treat loved ones with care. We encourage you to pick up a copy today to create a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Included is a chapter on secure s*x, which we know our listeners will love! Thanks and keep it hot and secure y’all!

It Starts with attraction podcast w/ Kimberly Beam Holmes

The Power Of Secure Attachment: Julie Menanno

Discover the transformative power of secure attachment in your marriage as Julie delves deep into the heart of relationship dynamics. We explore critical topics such as:

  • Understanding Secure Love: Learn what it means to have a secure, loving relationship and why it’s essential for marital harmony.
  • Attachment Styles Unveiled: Julie sheds light on different attachment styles and their impact on your marriage. From the anxious-avoidant dynamic to the path towards secure attachment, gain insights into the patterns shaping your relationship.
  • Communication as the Key: Uncover the core issue in most relationship problems – communication. Julie discusses how verbal and non-verbal communication can build or erode emotional safety, and how to transform this critical aspect of your relationship.
  • The Journey to Secure Attachment: Julie provides practical advice for moving from anxious or avoidant attachment styles to a secure, mutually fulfilling relationship. Learn how to make essential internal changes and foster a nurturing environment for both partners.
  • Healing and Growth: For couples affected by affairs, trust issues, or other challenges, Julie offers hope and strategies for healing. Learn how to rebuild trust and intimacy through understanding, empathy, and secure attachment practices.
That Relationship Show

Say This, Not That (to keep your relationship secure & loving)

EFT therapist, author and Instagram star Julie Menanno joins us to talk about her new book, Secure Love. In this fun conversation, she helps us understand how to transform our anger, pain or resentment into validating boundaried conversations that are likely to both get us what we want and protect our relationship bonds.

The Lila Rose Podcast

E71: Your Emotions Matter


Today I talk with Julie Mennano, a seasoned expert in the field of couples therapy, to explore the ways that attachment styles impact your closest relationships, and how to navigate emotions during conflict with your loved ones. We explore topics like how to connect with your frustrated spouse, how to approach your child during a tantrum, and what to do when your partner doesn’t want to seek emotional help.

Sex and Psychology Podcast with Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Episode 261: Breaking Negative Cycles In Relationships

A negative cycle starts when one partner in a relationship feels hurt and then says something critical. Then, the other partner feels hurt and responds in kind. This repeats over and over, and the hurt feelings escalate. In the last episode, we talked about why these cycles happen and how to identify them in your relationship. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to break the negative cycle, including things you should and shouldn’t say in these situations.

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How to Find And Keep A Secure Relationship with @thesecurerelationship's Julie Mennano, LMFT, LCPC

Julie Menanno, MA, LMFT, LCPC, AKA @thesecurerelationship (1M+) joins the show today to share her expertise on the role that attachment theory plays in relationships. Julie shares advice on how to improve communication in relationships, how to stay connected during conflict, and how to approach difficult situations productively and lovingly. We hear why couples have the same fight over and over, the most common relationship issues she sees in her clients, what steps we can take to achieve secure love in our relationships, and the importance of learning how to self-regulate your emotions. Finally, Julie shares how she, as both a parent and a professional, has approached raising her six children.

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Julie Menanno, Also Known As @TheSecureRelationship, on Attachment Styles and How to Create a Healthy Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime

For our season opener today, we have the fantastic Julie Menanno, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist, an expert couple’s therapist, and the person behind the popular Instagram account @TheSecureRelationship, which has over 1 million followers. I have long been interested in attachment theory and attachment styles, and there is secure attachment (the ideal which we should all strive for) and three different insecure attachments—anxious, avoidant, and disorganized. Julie will explain what all of that means in the episode, and how we can work towards bringing a secure attachment to our relationships. Beyond just attachment styles, Julie brings so much wisdom and insight into how we navigate romantic relationships, and how we can create a healthy relationship that will, as the subtitle suggests, last a lifetime.

The Bright Side of Life

Building a Secure Relationship: Insights from Attachment Theory with Julie Menanno

In this illuminating episode, join us as we delve into the intricate world of relationships with renowned attachment theory expert, Julie Menanno. Unraveling the complexities of human connection, we explore various attachment styles and unveil actionable steps towards fostering a more secure relationship.

Discover the fundamental principles of attachment theory and gain invaluable insights into the different attachment styles that shape our interactions. From anxious to avoidant, we navigate through the spectrum, shedding light on how each style influences our approach to intimacy and connection.

Julie Menanno provides expert guidance on overcoming barriers to secure attachment, offering practical strategies to cultivate healthier relationships. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your current partnership or embark on a new romantic journey, this episode equips you with the tools to navigate the path towards a more fulfilling and secure bond.

Tune in to unlock the secrets of building secure relationships and embark on a transformative journey towards deeper connection and intimacy.

The Telepsychiatrist With DR. JODI MIDIRI

Episode 13: Demystifying Attachment Theory with Julie Menanno

Dr Midiri and Nam talk attachment theory with the wise Julie Menanno MA, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Relationship Coach, and author. Julie is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.  Together, they talk about various relationship problems such as perfectionism, trying to ‘fix’ the problem vs. the power of validation, and vulnerability.  Don’t miss this gem if you want to improve your own relationship!


Attachment Theory: Secrets to a Successful Relationship with Julie Menanno

The core idea of attachment theory is that humans, as social beings, have an innate need to form close emotional bonds and attachments with others. It has profound implications for understanding human relationships, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and parent-child relationships.

Valeria welcomes licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Julie Menanno for an eye-opening conversation about our individual attachment needs. We kick things off by exploring the foundations of attachment theory and what it means to parent with an attachment-focused mindset. The different attachment styles take center stage, shedding light on how they shape our emotional bonds and behaviors.

They touch on the typical environment for avoidant attachment and why being dismissive with your partner can be a red flag and the pitfalls of relationship advice found online and why it’s often based on conflict. Plus, we’ll reveal the intriguing fact that only half of our attachment needs are met in our relationships.

Dating Intentionally

Ep 40: How to heal your insecure attachment w/ Julie Menanno

Yes, you can work on healing your attachment wounds even if you’re not in a relationship. I got to talk to Julie Menanno about her new book, Secure Love, and how to apply its insights even if you’re single. Julie and I cover steps to healing attachment if you don’t work with a therapist and how to tune into your body to figure out what you need when you feel anxious, and what’s at the root of your emotions. We also talk about spotting the negative cycle in early dating, the healthy way to navigate attachment in dating (no, it’s not just avoiding avoidantly attached folks) and how to build a secure bond from the start.
The Love Lab with Kevin Anthony

How To Create A Relationship That Lasts A Lifetime

Do you feel anxious in your relationship? Do you sometimes avoid the difficult situations that inevitably arise in relationships? Would you rather feel secure and know how to avoid negative cycles and easily navigate difficult situations? In this episode, Kevin Anthony talks with licensed marriage and family therapist Julie Menanno about Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and attachment styles. They cover what attachment styles are, how they show up in your relationships, what is the negative cycle and how to avoid it, and how you can meet each other’s attachment needs. This is a deep dive into EFT and attachment styles!


The Problem is Not the Problem Julie Menanno from The Secure Relationship

Ashlynn Allen kicks divorce & betrayal in the teeth. With her real world example of what’s possible after betrayal & how to live boldly with compassion & forgiveness while being boundaried & free from the past.

She is an advocate for women who want to live a life full of adventure & freedom. Come listen to her perspectives while she has conversations with those she loves & respects who share their #bethebuffalo moments that may just help you shift your own journey in a beautiful way.

Tell Me Something True with Laura McKowen

Julie Menanno on The Secure Relationship​

How many times have you looked at your relationship partner and wondered, “Why do they do that?” In recent years, the concept of attachment styles – anxious types, avoidant types – has crept into our consciousness. Julie brings these concepts, and other ideas like attachment needs, emotional safety, and healthy vulnerability, to life in a smart, accessible way for almost half a million followers.


‘The Secure Relationship’ Expert Julie Menanno Shares Her Best Tips for better relationships​

How to Have the Secure Relationship You Need – Advice from Relationship Expert Julie Menanno. Have you ever had relationship issues? Julie Menanno MA, has got some great tips you can use today to make all of your relationships better. Julie’s tips: 3 easy things you can do today to grow your relationships & more

Trust & Thrive with Tara Mont

230: Understanding Secure Attachment in Adult Relationships - with Julie Menanno, LCPC LMFT

In this episode, we explore the different attachment styles, conflict and repair, vulnerability in relationships, breaking cycles in relationship dynamics, boundaries and open communication, and more.

As The Leader Grows with Ken Joslin

Julie Menanno | Cultivating Secure Love

Every heart carries a story that can reshape the world around us. Julie Menanno’s narrative is a testament to that—a journey of transformation from an emotionally void childhood to her current triumph as a therapist and Instagram influencer. Embark with us as Julie opens up about the power of emotional education in parenting, her battle with anxious attachment, and her quest to cultivate a world nurtured by secure, loving relationships. Her dedication to breaking generational cycles and her insights into attachment theory aren’t just academic musings; they’re lived experiences that resonate with anyone striving to create a haven of support and understanding for their loved ones.

Love Hour Podcast

I’m Anxiously Attached?!​

In todays episode Melissa brings on Julie F. Menanno LMFT, to explain attachment styles/ theory.
Men in the Arena with Matt Kovatchis & MD

Relationship Therapist Julie Menanno on Attachment Styles & Becoming SECURE in Your Relationship

Guest Julie Menanno joins the Men in the Arena to discuss attachment styles, how they develop and take shape from our childhood, becoming more secure in yourself and your relationship, and the NUMBER ONE thing couples can do to create a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

The Life and Style Podcast with Caylie Lane​

How To Create Secure Relationships (feat. Julie Menanno)​

Julie Menanno is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Her mission is to take insights and practical skills she uses to treat couples in her private practice more accessible to a wider population. Julie’s book, Secure Love, is a guide to getting unstuck from a negative cycle and finding attachment security with your partner.

Creating Secure Attachments in Marriage and Parenting with Julie Mennano, LMFT​

In this episode, Julie and I talk all about anxious, avoidant and disorganized attachment styles. Julie gives advice and tips on how to: identify your attachment style, recognize what’s happening in a negative cycle overcome a negative cycle, know what to do in the middle of a conflict, create secure attachments in your romantic relationships.

Relationship Advice Podcast Hosted by: Chase Kosterlitz

Understanding Attachment Styles Will Change Your Relationship​

Understanding both our own and our partners attachment styles can go a long way in helping you resolve conflict and improve your relationships. Listen to today’s show to learn some life changing insights! In this episode with Julie Menanno, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to emotionally support your partner based on attachment theory.


Attachment Theory with Julie Menanno​

So what is attachment theory? On this episode of Twisted Plot Podcast, Marriage and Family therapist Julie Menanno gives everyone a rundown of the four attachment styles (anxious, avoidant, secure and disorganized) the pros of Somatic Experiencing Therapy and how the future of attachment theory might be the biggest plot twist of them all.


Disorganized Attachment with Julie Menanno​

In this episode, Effy and Jacqueline sit down with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – and self proclaimed attachment nerd – Julie Menanno, to explore the least mentioned and most elusive attachment style: disorganized AKA fearful avoidant. Drawing from personal experience, they unpack developmental traumas that result in disorganized attachment and discuss strategies for healing and moving towards a more secure connection.

Radical Stepmoms

Attachment Theory and how to use it with blended families with guest, Julie Menanno​

Our success in stepmotherhood begins with the relationships with our partners. In this episode, Julie discusses attachment styles and how we can notice and overcome our negative cycles. How can we communicate better with our partners? How can advocate for ourselves and hold space for others? Can a stepmom stop being a “fixer”? Listen in!
The Smart Girl Tribe Podcast With Scarlett Clark

How to build the perfect relationship with The Secure Relationship’s Julie Menanno

Listen in to hear us talk about: 

– When is the right time to sleep with someone for the first time.

– When is the right time to ask about exes and former flames.

– How to know if you’re an anxious or avoidant attachment. 

– When is the right time to open about your baggage. 

– What the perfect relationship looks like.

– How to figure out your relationship needs.

– Some questions to emotionally connect with someone. 

And so much more.

The Anxiety Chicks

How to Feel More Secure and Less Anxious in Your Relationship ft. Julie Menanno, LMFT​

This week The Chicks welcome Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Julie Menanno to take a deep dive into how to feel more secure in your relationship…especially if you tend to have an anxious attachment style or struggle with codependency. Julie also helps clarify the difference between an anxious attachment and anxiety disorder.
That Relationship Show Podcast

Communication Skills for Secure Love​

Author and EFT therapist Julie Menanno shares the communication skills that made her an Instagram phenom. With her clear and unassuming style, she shows us how to navigate the tricky places that block connection.
Erin Coscarelli, #WCW​

Erin Coscarelli and Guest, Julie Menanno

#WCW is a weekly Instagram Live hosted by Erin Coscarelli. Each week, Erin sits down with a female guest to talk about a variety of topics ranging from self care to entrepreneurial endeavors. This week, Erin sat down with couples therapist and counselor, Julie Mennano! They discuss different attachment styles, and Julies new book. Check her out @thesecurerelationship on Instagram!
The Pleasure Positive Podcast

How Attachment Styles Affect Intimacy in Relationships with Julie Menanno​

A Guide to Getting Unstuck from a Negative Cycle and Finding Attachment Security with Your Partner. Her mission is to make the insights and practical skills she uses to treat couples in her private practice more accessible to a wider population.
ROll with the punches

Creating Secure Relationships (Attachment Theory)

1 in 2 humans have a ‘secure attachment style’. The remaining 1 in 2 humans are either ‘anxious’, ‘avoidant’ or ‘disorganized’… Fumbling through life, attracting the equal and opposite trait to potentially feed those differing levels of dysfunction and chaos. Fascinating, I know… So there’s a 50% chance your date or potential partner (or hubby/wife) has some ‘issues’ to address. AND here’s the fun part.. that leaves a 50% chance that YOU have some ‘issues’ to work through yourself! (Don’t worry, I myself fall very much into that undesirable second category).

So here’s a conversation around all things understanding your attachment style and creating healthy relationships with one of the world’s top relationship therapists who specialises in just that… With just shy of a million Instagram followers it’s fair to say she’s one of the best in the business and we talk about some brilliant stuff.

Decoding Success Podcast With Matt LeBris

Julie Menanno Shares Secrets to a Secure Attachment for Lifelong Love

Julie Menanno joins The Decoding Success Podcast to share how our childhood and the experiences we’ve had growing up into adulthood are impacting us and our relationships. In this episode we discuss:

– the difference between attachment styles and attachment states

– how to develop a secure attachment style and a love that lasts forever

– developing a healthy and loving relationship with your partner

– how to know if your relationship is recoverable and more

HERself podcast

Julie Menanno Dives Deep into Attachment Style and Creating a Secure Relationship

Our conversation with Julie Menanno, therapist and mom of six, centers around secure and insecure relationships based on attachment styles. She educates us on what attachment theory is and what the different types of attachment styles are. Julie breaks down what happens when a couple has an argument and how to help get you back to the ultimate goal in any relationship: feeling safe.

Bad at keeping secrets

What does a secure relationship look like? Couples therapy and a secret involving 90s hip-hop

I have SUCH A TREAT for us today. I got to chat with Julie Menanno of The Secure Relationship and it was exactly what I needed. Maybe you will too. I just think it’s such a hard time to be a human in relationships. Romantic or otherwise. Everyone is feeling a little extra something—hurt, wounded, tired, daunted—in their relationships right now because of the pandemic. It is just a hard time.

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